About Us

Brief of our Activities

Star 2000 Supplies all types of A/V broadcast equipment, surveillance systems, video conference units, LCD display units, medical printers , and all professional equipment Our advantage in the Palestinian market, that we are able to supply any type of equipment – in broadcast and professional fields- , install, running services, training, maintenance and spare parts. Also we are ready to suggest any solution needed with plans and drawings needed to that solution, and our star shined through selling complete production lines that satisfy our client’s needs. What characterizes the company is that it provides all the necessary services to its clients including training, supervision, and follow up acompetitive prices and in short periods of time. This has resulted in the creation of a core of special clients.

Marketing and Sales department

This department is the most important department in Star 2000 as it secures about 85 % of the net income of the company. This department relies on the sale of TV products and equipment either as separate products or as integrated solutions. This department also provides its clients with solution for high-tech specialized integrated systems. The company sells a number of products of international companies that credit Star 2000 as a distribution for its products in the West Bank and Gaza. Star 2000 is one of the largest companies in clients’ number throughout West Bank and Gaza Strip, that we are known with our fast delivery time, which helped us to have good base of special clients.

Beyond Definition

"Beyond Definition describes our company passion to go beyond the expectations of our customers. We aspire, through our creativity and spirit of challenge, to take what you imagine and make it real."