Our Services

Buiding Design

Creating a broadcast facility within a new structure or a structure that is undergoing a full interior renovation presents broadcast with a new opertunity to fully optimize facility design without having to work around existing structural limitations.

Electrical layout, voltage requirements and consumption are  projected for each work area to that design includes sufficient supply and easy access for all system components.In designing HVAC system star 2000 carefully evaluates the cooling capacity that will be required for each area by accessing the amount of heat that will be generated and estimating the number of BTUs required to cool the area.

Noise is minimized through carefull air conditioning conduit layout design in production areas.

Acoustic Study/ Design

All extraneous noise, whether from within a studio or outside, can interface with audio quality. Star 2000 conducts highly sensitive acoustic studies that accurately identify vibrations, echoes and external noise before they become a problem. Based on these studies, we create acoustics plans that treat sound for optimal performance. Star 2000 acoustic plans are designed to isolate facilities from external noise, reduce undesired frequencies that are generated internally and ensure that the desired frequencies are undisturbed. By leveraging the unique properties of a wide variety if acoustic material, we enable our clients to achieve the precise audio characteristics that they require.

Television Studios

With over 13 years of experience in designing and implementing workflows, connectivity plans and studio layouts for television facilities, Star 200 is expert in creating outstanding facilities that take the frustration out of the productions and broadcasting. Star 2000 attends to every detail to ensure that each facility operates smoothly, efficiently and cost effectively. At Star 2000, we understand that the “system” in system integration is not limited to video equipment, lighting and wiring: We involve our clients’ engineering and production staff throughout the design and installation process, in addition to providing both production and operational training, so that they understand the new facility from the bottom-up and can fully leverage its capabilities to create great results. The broadcasting industry is enjoying a period of rapid innovation. Valuable new technologies and solutions for archiving, server playout and Video/IT convergence are coming online that can help operators improve video quality, reduce capital and operating expense, provide value-added services for their customers and increase reach. Innovative broadcasting infrastructures, master controls and news systems are providing unprecedented results.

Lightening Design

Star 2000 flexible studio lighting design solutions provide outstanding coverage while minimizing electricity, air conditioning and maintenance costs. Our lighting plans specify appropriate grid layouts and dimmer placement for excellent lighting control to meet all production needs. Lighting is one the most critical factors in ensuring high-quality production results. We carefully consider the type of production (news/entertainment/talk show), whether recording is in HD or SD, and numerous other factors when designing a lighting plan. Star 2000 combines various type of lighting to achieve the best solution while controlling maintenance costs. Electrical distribution and dimmer control are carefully planned to achieve best functional to meet each client’s unique needs.

Video Workflow

When designing a studio, master control, newsroom or other broadcast facility, connectivity workflow and building layout are inextricably interrelated. Star 2000 video workflow services start by specifying the workflow necessary for each type of production that will take place at the proposed facility. Based on the workflow as well as the available space and any fixed structural elements, studio layout and connectivity plans are created to maximize operational performance and efficiency, ensure a comfortable work environment and easily accommodate future expansion. Star 2000 provides an equipment list that details every structural, broadcast system and connectivity element necessary to turn your plan into reality. When selecting equipment, we place strong emphasis on interoperability to ensure that you can freely integrate system elements from the full range of sources, both in the initial facility design and in the future.

Outside Production Trucks

Star 2000 specializes in creating custom Mobil broadcast units, ranging from multi camera OB vans that quickly deliver news via microwave or satellite to fully-equipped multi-environment trucks that include a control room, audio booth and technical core. Star 2000 supplies rack-ready as well as fully- equipped, ready to –play trucks and vans. For DSNG, SNG, ENG and production vehicles, Star 2000 fits, design and installs electrical , climate control and transmission systems; plans and builds work environments for technicians and production staff , installs secure racks and cable rails for all production and processing equipment; and ensures that the vehicle’s infrastructure that can handle it all by expanding and reinforcing the chassis , as needed.

Training And Documentation

Even the most exacting installation, using the finest equipment, is of limited value unless the broadcast facility’s staff knows how to operate it and leverage its capabilities to achieve the best results. At star 2000 we believe that every training process must be tailored to the needs and abilities of the specific facility’s team: Experience, expertise, production needs and degree of integration between different department impact the training plan. Star 2000 training program comprises three stages: • During and immediately following installation 7 operational training.
• 30 to 60 days following installation.
• Six months after installation.
During installation, for each sub-system, in-house staffs are educated to serve as the first line resources for questions and concerns regarding the systems and their operation. This staff subsequently trains additional people, creating a chain of specialized experts capable of resolving most issue internally.